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We are focused on the needs of chronic patients with special pharmacy needs, and the clinicians who serve them. For more than nine years we have been a local retail pharmacy with many community-based members who have relied on us for top-flight, personal care. We are also a multi-state specialty pharmacy with a national reputation for quality care of members with chronic, polymed conditions.

We are a leading
Contract Pharmacy under the HRSA-administered 340B Drug Pricing Program. In addition to creating potential new revenue sources, we help to solve many compliance-related concerns including Medicaid rebate double-dipping and diversion issues.

We've been at the forefront of adherence measurement and management, and can demonstrate dramatically increased compliance under our programs. We live by the phrase "you've got to treat it to beat it". We also draw upon this experience and upon years of professional experience in treating injury and other chronic members, including behavioral health members, to dispense controlled medications in a safe and highly secure environment.

We offer custom packaging and compounding solutions to accommodate special clinical or other needs, or pediatric members.
Welcome to PharmBlue LLC and RX Blue Star Solutions LLC. We touch thousands of lives every day. Visit our new Locations section to see where we are making a difference today. We've got lots of exciting things in the works so check back here often for updates. In the meantime, we're hiring!

We also wanted to let our 340B clients know that the new drug
Sovaldi is now on formulary. This drug has been shown to be effective in treating HCV-mono-infected and HIV/HCV co-infected patients. The co-infection rate among HIV patients may be as high as 40%. Since we began more than 10 years ago we have been continuously involved in the care of HCV-infected members. In fact over the last two years our HCV-infected members have achieved a cure rate (using all three major drug therapies then available) of 76%, a rate much higher than the national average of approximately 55% (Scripts Clinic of La Jolla).